In order to provide you with the best DropBox Alternatives in 2014 for online storage and file hosting we have reviewed several companies. Each option has advantages and features that make the difference between one service and another, so understand what you need first and then choose the best fit for your budget based on features offered.

Dropbox is most famous for its free of cost online memory space product that permits you to transfer a fantastic offer of data for no fee at all. However, this could be the greatest offering the provider has on tap. Its paid offerings are without the types of features that additional paid services supply and charges a greater cost for them. Depending upon what you ‘re looking for, Dropbox might be the optimal free solution or a lackluster paid solution.

Our Top Ten List

Rating / 5
Free Option
ZipCloud LogoZipCloud provides a great Dropbox alternative and does a very good job of making online backup appear to be very simple... Read More414 Day Trial

SpiderOak Logo

One of the unique features that SpiderOak has is its remote store compression and pre-upload of data. The spider oak application has a storage bar at the bottom where you can check to get an idea of how effective the compression of your data is... Read More42GB Free Forever Logo

If you are looking for a DropBox alternative that does not do automated backup but could give you a decent cloud hosting resource, then you should try out Read More 810GB Free Forever

JustCloud Logo

Great for a small business or personal use, when you have a lot to store, JustCloud is easy to use, with all the options and features you want it’s the number one in our list of DropBox alternatives. Capable of storing and sorting, anyone can figure out their software and get the most out of it... Read More7.51GB Free Forever

TeamDrive Logo

Tops in the industry is TeamDrive, popular because of the free storage space in the cloud that is offered. The free storage is limited, but no other company offers free storage to start. This option is great for companies that need to file a variety of data files including music, and video... Read More72GB Free Forever

GoodSync Logo

Goodsync makes the top ten list because of ease of use and step by step instructions you can just click through to sort files. Automatic file backup reduces management time and cost... Read More7

Ubuntu One Logo

One of the most recognized music file sharing sites, Ubuntu is the go to site for those that want to buy and store the music they love for access later. It is definitely an alternative, but meant more for personal use than as a professional business alternative... Read More6.55GB Free Forever

Wuala Logo

Considered one of the best and most reliable alternatives to DropBox, Wuala offers a comprehensive service that is focused on security. Small storage options make it the best option for small operations that don’t need to maximize the cloud... Read More6.55GB Free Forever

Egnyte Review

The Egnyte file storage system specializes in micro managing files in the cloud system several levels down. Standard dashboard controls, secure encryption and backup solutions are offered, but the auditing system and permission controls are vital to large companies... Read More615 Day Trial

Nomadesk Logo

For the beginner, or those looking for the bare bones system, Nomadesk is one of the most popular DropBox Alternatives. Its simplicity should not be mistaken for inefficient though because it works well for what it is meant to do... Read More5.514 Day Trial

What is DropBox and Why DropBox Alternatives

Dropbox provides the usual complement of online backup features. You can easily control the bandwidth that you utilize for the backups, schedule backups to occur automatically and use it as a method of sharing files between you and additional users. It additionally has some delightful features that are accessible in the free edition, which makes the paid edition even more questionable as far as whether or not it is worth the hard earned cash and if one of our DropBox alternatives isn’t a better option.


Dropbox has turned into a very effective company as well as that success has not been predicated on an unsatisfactory item. Dropbox, in fact, is an excellent item, particularly in its free of cost incarnation. If you share files by having an additional user, Dropbox will provide you pc alert when they add a little something to the folder that you share or when they change a little something in that folder. The service is quick as well as runs wonderfully. You can easily adjust transmission capacity to make specific that you ‘re not swamping the network traffic when you do a backup as well as because the service is extremely fast, you can rather conveniently upload multimedia files and share them by having buddies in your folders.


DropBox Alternatives

Where Dropbox does not shine is when money starts to enter into the financial transaction. The bundles it offers come in 50 and 100 gigabyte sizes, which are rather modest compared to other service providers. If you need something larger than 100 gigabytes, you have to check with the company instantly. The paid product could not be worth it for folks that live in a world where there are plenty of suppliers for online storage services who are ready to provide a bit more for a bit less hard earned cash.


The ability to sync mobile data storage is vital to professionals and businesses, so here are the top ten DropBox Alternatives that we have found. Dropbox is a really good item, it provides a ton of benefits and it’s complimentary offering is especially tempting. If you simply need something simple to share files between friends or even coworkers, the free edition is more than adequate for the needs of most people. When you receive into the paid editions, however, you can get a much larger volume of space from DropBox alternatives. If you want to make sure your website is still online you can use this free service.


Dropbox is definitely a business to enjoy. Also though their best offering at present is their complimentary edition, that does not imply that they ‘re not going to innovate their paid variation. As it stands, nonetheless, the complimentary variation of the service is generally a more desirable package than the paid versions of it are. Keep an eye on Dropbox in the future but, for the present, you truly only need to pay recognition to their complimentary version.

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