Welcome to our TeamDrive Review, Teamdrive is a secure web access alternative to DropBox for casual users that don’t need a lot of storage space but want to keep what they have as safe as possible.  Using their secure hard drive online, you can access your server from anywhere and any computer.

Get access to your important files, photos and other data whenever you need, and share access to the virtual drive with other users that an administrator gives permission to.  Like other services, you can access the files you save as a mobile user, and even share files offline, with the ability to sync files the next time any of the users connects and re-opens the changed file.

1. Using TeamDrive

You can use the TeamDrive service with your existing server, so no new equipment or storage drives are necessary. Teams love this service because it seems it was created for them, with multiple levels of sharing capabilities and powerful server based solutions. Teams can also access file locking level of security and control features are extended to everyone so that there are shared administrator abilities.

There are public access capabilities that are offered, giving public users as much or as little access as the team agrees to.  This is great for teams that are working with clients and saving their data, because even if they do not subscribe to the service themselves, they can be allowed to access files in the secure setting.

2. TeamDrive Storage Review

The ability and ease of use for TeamDrive is really impressive, considering the team set-up that it has.  Loading time is very fast because files are saved to your local drive making them easily retrievable. There is an additional backup feature working in the background, but it doesn’t affect the time or service while you are working.  Optional downloads can be created with temporary passwords so that you can share files via links that can be shared with several people to access.

Virtual locks can be created for the entire drive, or individual files, so that you can work in one file without having to worry about changes being made to it while one team member is accessing it. Once you are through with the changes, the locks expire and the file is updated automatically.

3. TeamDrive Plans and Pricing

The TeamDrive services is slightly more costly than other programs, but it is because of the advanced sharing capabilities it offers teams of users. Teams of up to five users can access the shared file server for $200 per year, while options like the server component or a WebDAV can add to the cost up to $325 for the same five users.

Currently users are offered 2GB of storage space, which is not the highest level available out there, but the security level that is guaranteed is worth the price. With the virtual drive, there is plenty of room to store music, data files and movies so whatever you require the service for you can be assured that TeamDrive is capable.

TeamDrive Plans and Pricing

TeamDrive is rated among the best for a reason, and it is a good Alternative to DropBox.

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Oct 24, 2013 by PCMag.com

For distributed teams that need to share server-based files, TeamDrive offers a powerful solution.


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